World Cup Legends

20% OFF

Digital print from my 2018 collaboration with I LOVE UGLY

These are slightly damged prints that weren’t included in the original edition that I am now selling for a discounted price. One has a blue smudge in the bottom left corner  by the signiature. The other has creasemarks in the top left corner where it was once folded down. Aside from these marks, the rest of the printing is blemish free and of a high standard.

Before ordering, please check the photos below illustrate the marks on each print so that you know exactly what you are ordering. These photos have been edited to try to make the marks as visible on screen as they are in life. Due to the nature of these prints, they are sold as seen. Unfortunately, I cannot accept any refunds or returns.

42 x 59.4 cm

All prints are sent tracked and signed in a recyclable tube.


Please ensure you select the correct delivery option for your country!